Friday, 8 April 2011

Oh My Blog!

Hello! Welcome to Wide Eyes & Blow-Dries.

Spring is all about new life and this is mine! Well, a part of it anyway. A few weeks ago I was a magazine editor and now I'm a footloose and fancy freelancer and, it would seem, blogger. I'm learning 'on the job' so to speak (as err, technically, I don't have a job!), so don't expect an all-singing, all-dancing effort straight away, but I am learning...

Basically this blog will be about the things I love; stuff and people that excite me, brilliant things to buy, use and see. Lots of the time it will be about hair and hairdressing as that's what I know best.

To kick things off I thought I’d share a picture – the apple blossom tree in my garden (aka the view from my new ‘office’). It’s the living proof of Spring and all its promises, and it beats forlornly gazing at the Old Street roundabout (as I was a few weeks ago) hands down.

I can't promise this blog will be topical, witty, useful, or even updated that much - but I will do my very best. Always better to under promise and over deliver... Oh my blog! It's actually rather exciting!


  1. Hurrah!! We missed you, Laura Hinton xx

  2. Err loving your blog and your office view Lou! Katie P xxx

  3. This is so exciting – now I have somewhere to go when I am in need of a little dose of Mrs White in between lunch dates and cocktails of course! Looking forward to future posts - Phil x